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War in Ukraine | Gérard Depardieu calls for “stopping arms and negotiating”



(Paris) French actor Gérard Depardieu, close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, called for “stop arms and negotiate” in a statement to AFP on Tuesday, the sixth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Russia and Ukraine have always been brother countries. I am against this fratricidal war. I say: “Stop the guns and negotiate! ” “, did he declare.

This call comes as the Russian army continues to deploy to try to take control of Kiev and the center of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city not far from the Russian border, is bombarded by the Russian army, according to the regional governor.

The sacred monster of French cinema, who has French and Russian nationalities, called AFP on the phone to make this statement. He had obtained a Russian passport in January 2013, against a background of disagreement with the fiscal policy of President François Hollande.

“I find it normal to pay, but not to idiots who think they are doing good,” he said in 2014 to the weekly Le Point.


Gerard Depardieu and Vladimir Putin.

Since then, Gérard Depardieu has never ceased to praise his new homeland, Russia, a “great democracy”, and to praise Vladimir Putin, whom he notably compared to Pope John Paul II.

Actor Pierre Richard, old accomplice of Gérard Depardieu on screen (The goat, Freinds …), also pleaded for peace, in a publication on Twitter.

“Everyone, at their level, must campaign for peace, fraternity and a return to reason,” he wrote on Tuesday, saying that he was pitying “the Ukrainian people […] who dies “. “I pity the Russian people, whom I love so much, dragged against their will into this conflict of total absurdity”.

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