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War in Ukraine | Joe Biden announces new military aid of 800 million to Ukraine



(Washington) Armored vehicles, artillery, helicopters: Joe Biden gave the green light on Wednesday to massive new military aid to Ukraine, with heavier equipment than that delivered so far.

During a phone call Wednesday with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, the American president announced to him that he had released a new tranche of aid worth 800 million dollars, according to a press release from the White House.

These new American deliveries will include some of the “very effective equipment that we have already delivered” to Ukraine, but also “new capabilities”, including “artillery systems” and “armoured personnel carriers”, said the US executive.

Joe Biden has also given the green light to the transfer of additional helicopters, according to the White House.

The objective of this new aid is, according to Washington, to help Ukraine to face a vast Russian offensive on the east of the country.


Kyiv has called on the population of these regions to flee as soon as possible, before the Russian army launches a major assault for full control of Donbass, which Ukrainian troops and their pro-Russian separatist enemies have shared since 2014.

The United States has so far been reluctant to deliver the heavy equipment requested by the Ukrainians, arguing that this would only further fuel tensions between Washington and Moscow, with the risk of the Americans being seen as a party to the war. .

The White House, however, seemed to recently abandon the distinction it made between the delivery of “defensive” equipment, which it authorized, and “offensive”, which it refused to provide.

The United States has given Ukraine the bulk of the international military aid Kyiv has received since the fall.

The total amount of this military assistance, before Wednesday’s announcement, reached 2.4 billion dollars.

According to a list released last week by the White House, the United States has so far already provided or pledged 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, 5,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles, 7,000 other model anti-tank weapons, several hundred Switchblade kamikaze drones , 7,000 assault rifles, 50 million bullets and various ammunition, 45,000 batches of bullet-proof vests and helmets, laser-guided rockets, Puma drones, anti-artillery and anti-drone radars, light armored vehicles, secure communication systems and anti-mine protections.

Analysts say Russian President Vladimir Putin, mired in the face of fierce Ukrainian resistance, wants to secure a victory in Donbass ahead of the May 9 military parade in Red Square marking the Soviet victory over the Nazis in 1945.

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