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War in Ukraine | Joe Biden will defend ‘every inch of NATO territory’



(Washington) Joe Biden announced Thursday a series of new sanctions targeting Russian banks, elites and exports in response to the invasion of Ukraine, which he said will make Putin “an outcast on the international scene”.

The US president has said he will defend “every inch of NATO territory”, but will not send troops to Ukraine. The Pentagon will deploy 7,000 additional troops to Germany. The objective of this new deployment, which will take place in the coming days, is to “reassure the NATO allies, deter a Russian attack and be ready to support the needs in the region”, specified a senior American official.

The United States will impose economic sanctions and export restrictions on Russia, said Joe Biden, assuring that they would impose a “severe cost on the Russian economy, both immediately and in the long term”.

Four additional Russian banks will also be sanctioned and more than half of Russia’s technology imports cut, he said in a speech from the White House.

“We are also adding names to the list of Russian (elites) and their family members who are sanctioned,” said the tenant of the White House.

Sanctioning Vladimir Putin personally is also “on the table”, Joe Biden said again, without wanting to give more details.

Cutting Russia from the Swift interbank network, an essential cog in global finance, also remains “an option” according to the American president.

He stressed, however, that “currently, this was not (a) position” shared by the Europeans, and assured that the other financial sanctions announced Thursday by the United States and their allies had “as much impact or even more ‘impact’ than this option, claimed by Ukraine itself.

Joe Biden has once again insisted on repeating that the United States is not acting alone on this issue.

“We are going to limit Russia’s ability to do business in dollars, euros, pounds and yen”, he warned, assuring that Vladimir Putin was going to become “a pariah on the international scene”.

The American president has promised to tap into the strategic oil reserves of the United States in order to relieve Americans, worried about rising fuel prices.

Washington “will release additional barrels of crude if conditions allow,” Biden said, noting that Americans “are already suffering” from rising gasoline prices at the pump.

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