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War in Ukraine | Kyiv accuses Moscow of sexually exploiting kidnapped children



(Kyiv) Ukraine’s human rights commissioner on Thursday accused Russians of abducting children from his country to fuel sex trafficking.

” Accounts [sur l’application] Telegram reveal that Russians are abducting Ukrainian children and making sex videos with them,” Ukrainian Parliament Human Rights Commissioner Dmytro Lubinets said in a message on Telegram.

“For example, they are offering a Ukrainian boy for 250,000 rubles (more than C$4,650),” he added, assuring that it was an orphan.

Mr. Lubinets published the excerpt of an exchange on an unidentified Internet messaging service between two people discussing the involvement of a young boy in the filming of a child pornography film.

“He is from Ukraine, from an orphanage, he has no parents,” writes one of the people. “We bring in children for this type of work. It’s not the first we’ve brought in.”

Mr. Lubinets did not specify how he had obtained this exchange. He called on the Ukrainian police and judiciary to take “appropriate measures to find and punish the culprits. »

“The Russian Federation insidiously kidnaps, kills, deports and rapes our children,” he added. “How is this possible in today’s world? »

Crimes against children, including sexual abuse, are quite common in Russia.

Ukraine accuses Russian forces of having abducted thousands of children, including orphans, into territories controlled by Moscow.

In September, United Nations investigators accused Moscow of “large-scale” war crimes in Ukraine, including torture and sexual violence.

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