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War in Ukraine | One dead, three injured in shelling in Kramatorsk



(Kramatorsk) At least one person was killed and three injured Tuesday morning in a Russian bombardment of the center of Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Six residential buildings were damaged, he said on Facebook, adding that rescue operations were continuing. The mayor of the city told him of 25 damaged buildings.

“The State of Evil continues to wage war on the civilian population” but will “without fault” be punished for these “murders”, again launched the president to address Russia.

A city of about 150,000 people before the Russian invasion launched more than a year ago, Kramatorsk is near Bakhmout, the epicenter of fighting for months.

Regularly bombarded by the Russian army, Kramatorsk has played the role of a regional center since the occupation of the city of Donetsk in 2014 by Russian and pro-Russian forces.

1er February, a bombardment killed three people there.

In April 2022, a Russian missile hit Kramatorsk train station killing around 60 civilians who were trying to flee the area.

Russia has claimed the Donetsk region as its territory following so-called annexation referendums.

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