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War in Ukraine | Resolution at the UN for Russia to fund reparations



(United Nations) The United Nations General Assembly on Monday adopted a non-binding resolution in favor of a mechanism for reparations by Russia for the human and material destruction caused by its invasion of Ukraine.

Unlike the Security Council, where Russia has a veto, Moscow could not block this resolution carried by Ukraine, Canada, the Netherlands and Guatemala, and adopted with 94 votes, less than the 143 collected to condemn the “illegal annexations” of Russia on October 12.

Fourteen countries voted against this resolution, including Russia, China, Cuba, Mali or Ethiopia, while 73 countries abstained, mainly from the African continent, but also Brazil, Israel or India.


A table displaying the result of the vote

Entitled “Aggression against Ukraine: remedy and reparation”, the resolution “considers that the Russian Federation must answer for any violation of international law in Ukraine or against Ukraine […] and that she must [en] bear the legal consequences […] including [en réparant] material and human damage.

According to this resolution, “it is necessary to establish, in cooperation with Ukraine, an international mechanism for the purpose of reparation of damages” and “an international register of damages which will be used to identify, with supporting documents” the evidence for claims for damages. compensation from natural persons, legal entities or from the Ukrainian state.


“Ukraine will have the difficult task of rebuilding the country and recovering after the war. But this recovery will never be complete without a feeling of justice for the victims of the Russian war”, launched from the rostrum of the General Assembly, the ambassador of Ukraine to the UN Sergiy Kyslytsya.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the decision taken at the UN.

“From the liberation of Kherson to the diplomatic victory in New York — the United Nations General Assembly has just given the green light to the creation of a mechanism for reparations by Russia for crimes committed in Ukraine”, he said. he stated, on Twitter. “The aggressor will pay for what he did! “, he added.

At the United Nations headquarters in New York, the Russian representative on the contrary denounced a desire by Western countries to legitimize in advance the use of “billions of dollars” of frozen Russian assets to sanction Moscow, including, according to him, for the purchase of arms from Ukraine.

Questioned before the vote, Richard Gowan, an analyst at the International Crisis Group, explained to AFP that “the resolution would not be binding, but that it would offer a political basis to Ukraine in order to prepare the land to obtain reparations from Russia”. Thus, he added, “the register of proposed damages would make it possible to quantify what is owed to Ukraine”.

During his speech, the Ukrainian ambassador took the example of the Compensation Commission set up by the UN between 1991 and 2022 and which enabled Kuwait to recover from Iraq 52.4 billion dollars in reparations for the damage caused by its invasion in August 1990. A commission established by the Security Council.

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