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War in Ukraine | The China-Russia relationship worries the United States



(Washington) The United States is “deeply concerned” about China’s “alignment with Russia” position in the face of the war in Ukraine, a senior White House official said Monday, after a high-level meeting level in Rome which has therefore in no way lowered the tension.

The discussion led by US national security adviser Jake Sullivan and Yang Jiechi, the Chinese Communist Party’s top diplomat, lasted seven hours, she said, calling it “intense”. and “very frank”.

The same source, however, assured that the meeting itself had been in preparation since December.

This official, who requested anonymity, did not wish to comment on reports from the American press according to which Moscow has asked Beijing to provide it with its assistance, economic and military, to carry out the invasion of the Ukraine.

Russia, which is preparing for a default, denied it, while China blamed the Americans for spreading “fake news”.


US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

On Sunday, Jake Sullivan issued a warning to Beijing, saying in an interview with CNN: “We let Beijing know that we will not sit back and let any country compensate for Russia’s losses from economic sanctions. »

But the United States has so far not specified what Chinese actions might draw a U.S. response, or what form that response might take.

Washington has also blamed China for helping to spread Russian “lies” about alleged US biological and chemical weapons labs in Ukraine.

Since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, the Chinese communist regime, prioritizing its friendship with Moscow, has refrained from calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw his troops from Ukraine.

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