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War in Ukraine | Thousands of Europeans take to the streets in support of Ukraine



(Paris) From Paris to New York, Rome or Zürich, thousands of demonstrators again took to the streets of major Western cities on Saturday to say “stop” to the war and protest against the invasion of Ukraine by Russia .

Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of people in the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine had already marched in Europe, from Prague to Berlin, and in the United States to denounce the Russian attack and express their fear of a extension of the conflict.

On the tenth day of the invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces advanced into the country on Saturday, with fierce fighting around the capital Kyiv.

In Zürich, the most populous city in Switzerland, several tens of thousands of people demonstrated under the slogan “Peace now”, at the call of trade unions and left-wing parties in particular.


Protesters in the streets of Paris.

They were, according to the organizers, more than 40,000 people. The police did not give numbers.

The demonstrators, who carried “Stop War” or “Peace” signs and Ukrainian flags, demanded an immediate ceasefire, diplomatic negotiations and the withdrawal of Russian troops, according to Swiss public television SRF.

In Rome, a vast “peace procession” brought together thousands of people at the call of several unions and many NGOs.


People stand under a huge rainbow tarp in Rome to show their opposition to the war in Ukraine.

“No base, no soldier, Italy out of NATO”, chanted the pacifists in this procession preceded by a large flag in the colors of the rainbow. Many placards also proclaimed “No to Putin, no to NATO”.

“This is perhaps one of the first real demonstrations for peace. Here, nobody believes that we make peace […] by sending weapons to one of the parties,” famous Italian cartoonist, actor and writer Vauro Senesi told AFP.


Demonstrators gathered in Trafalgar Square in London to protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Italy decided to send weapons to Ukraine, but did not reveal the details of these military supplies.

“There are no just wars or smart bombs”, launched for his part the boss of the most important Italian trade union confederation, the CGIL (left), Maurizio Landini.

“We are all Ukrainians”

More than 41,000 people demonstrated in several French cities, according to the Interior Ministry, including 16,000 in Paris.

“We will be there every weekend, in Paris or elsewhere, until Mr. Putin leaves, withdraws his tanks,” Aline Le Bail-Kremer, a member of Stand With Ukraine, told AFP. at the initiative of the rally in the French capital.

“It’s very important to be here,” said a protester, Bernard Arnaud, 47, blue suit and yellow shirt in Ukrainian colors. “Mr. Putin is so unpredictable. I will come back as much as possible”, he added in the middle of the signs “Stop War”, “Putin assassin” or “Save Ukraine”.

In New York, a few thousand people gathered in Times Square with sunflowers, the emblems of Ukraine, and placards calling to “stop Russian terrorism”.


A protester holds a placard that reads ‘Protect Ukraine, Save Europe’ in London.

At the podium, several voices have called, like President Volodymyr Zelensky, for the creation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine, which NATO refuses for fear of triggering a direct conflict with Russia.

In London, a crowd of several hundred gathered in Trafalgar Square, holding placards with inscriptions such as “Putin kills” and “Total embargo against Russia”.

“When the last Ukrainian soldier falls, Putin will come for you, ladies and gentlemen,” proclaimed a giant banner.

The Apostolic Nuncio to Britain, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, read a prayer, saying in part: “Today we are all Ukrainians. »

For Paul, a 35-year-old software designer who did not want to give his last name, it is “scary” to see history repeating itself and “more must be done” on a humanitarian level and against “the propaganda from Russia.

In Zagreb, more than a thousand people gathered in support of Ukraine, holding placards reading “Stop the war, Save Europe” and “Glory to Ukraine”. Many demonstrators had wrapped themselves in the Ukrainian flag.

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