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War in Ukraine | What you need to know this Friday



Here’s what you need to know on this ninth day of fighting between Russia and Ukraine.

  • NATO members on Friday again rejected Kyiv’s request to create a no-fly zone in Ukraine.
  • The Russian army occupies the largest Ukrainian nuclear power plant after attacking it overnight. The fighting left two injured and did not result in radioactive releases according to Ukraine

  • Russia’s attack on Ukrainian nuclear site posed ‘an immense threat to all of Europe and the world’, US ambassador told UN Security Council

  • The UN Human Rights Council has overwhelmingly approved a resolution in favor of an international commission of inquiry into human rights violations in Ukraine
  • The Russian parliament has passed a law imposing a 15-year prison sentence for spreading “false information” about the Russian armed forces. The BBC and Radio-Canada have chosen to suspend their coverage in Russia.
  • Russian authorities have also restricted access to Facebook, Twitter and several independent media.

Ukrainians find refuge in a former Polish shopping center

Kyiv mayor visits Ukrainian refugees on metro

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