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Warner Bros faces JK Rowling boycott



Going from true icon to antagonist of a whole generation, the author of Harry Potter causes a lot of problems for the Hogwarts Legacy teams.

The JK Rowling Debate and Harry Potter is probably one of the most vicious in all of pop culture for some time now. After numerous tweets and other statements with remarks deemed transphobic, the new reputation of the author of the saga has stained a nostalgic work for many. As a result of this, a real separation took place between fans of the magical world. After growing up alongside this universe, it is hard for some to question this work dear to their hearts. Although it is often considered taboo, many prefer to separate the work from the artist, but a whole section of the community boycotts the writer altogether.

And inevitably, having to “cancel” JK Rowling implies leaving aside Harry Potter, as close as one can be to this world, and its characters. In fact, all derivative works, ie books, films, visits to studios and others, are prohibited for certain fans. The concern therefore hovers on the side of the teams of Avalanche Software and Warner Bros Games. Indeed, the movement taking a lot of momentum with the hype aroundHogwarts Legacy, many Twitter users call to boycott the game like any other content inspired by the magic saga. So, Warner Bros did not wait to communicate on this subject to reassure fans in the midst of a moral dilemma.

Harry Potter without JK Rowling

While Warner tends to take the defense of the author who lends them her license, the studios seem this time more moderate in their remarks (most certainly out of a desire to ensure the success of this colossal project). David Haddad, general manager of Warner Bros, therefore clarified that the new public enemy number 1 of muggles has nothing to do with this new game:

We would like to remind you that JK Rowling is not directly involved in the development of the game. We even add that it will be possible, in Hogwarts Legacy, to use inclusive options, allowing the creation of trans characters. We’re going to stay focused on the game we’ve built and the great work of studio Avalanche. We want everyone who loves the Harry Potter universe to love these stories and characters.

Some wanted to oust JK Rowling from his universe, this is done for Hogwarts Legacy. After all, the game is not stamped Harry Potter and taking place in another era, the freedoms are wider and allow developers to create their own version of this already known universe. Now there is always the question of royalties: no one knows if the author will receive money based on sales. This is the main fear of many, but detractors and defenders know very well that the game will sell like hotcakes whether it does or not. As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy will be released on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on February 10, 2023 (the Nintendo Switch version will arrive later at an as yet unknown date).

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