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Washington targets ‘corrupt’ Russian oligarchs



(Washington) The US Department of Justice on Wednesday appointed a dozen prosecutors to prosecute “corrupt Russian oligarchs” and all those who violate the sanctions adopted by Washington against Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine.

“We will spare no effort to investigate, arrest and prosecute all those whose criminal acts allow the Russian government to continue this unjust war,” Minister Merrick Garland said in a statement that details the outlines of a dedicated unit announced the day before. by President Joe Biden.

Called “Kleptocapture”, it will have more than ten prosecutors, as well as investigators from the federal police, but also from the tax authorities or the postal services.

They will prosecute anyone who violates the sanctions imposed on Russia, before and since the start of hostilities in Ukraine, as well as those to come.

In particular, they will ensure compliance with the measures taken against Russian financial institutions, for example by monitoring the use of cryptocurrencies.

They will be able to seize property belonging to people targeted by sanctions if they are the result of “illegal conduct”, specifies the ministry.

For the moment, the assets of some oligarchs are frozen, which means that they cannot sell or rent them, but that they retain ownership.

During a major speech to Congress on Tuesday evening, Democratic President Joe Biden threatened the Russian oligarchs with seizing their “ill-gotten” “yachts, luxury apartments, and private jets”.

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