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We finally know the official release date!



Bethesda’s blockbuster has been pushed back yet again, but rest assured it’s for a good cause.

It’s been almost five years that RPG and space enthusiasts have been chomping at the bit while waiting Starfield, the next title from Bethesda. But we will still have to wait a little longer; in a video posted on TwitterTodd Howard, the big boss of the studio, announced in half words that the game had been postponed again.

According to the initial roadmap, the release of Starfield was scheduled for November 2022. But as you might expect, development has moved slower than expected. The release was thus postponed to the ” first half of 2023 “.

A deadline that is now fast approaching. The public therefore hoped to receive some news at the start of the year. And after a radio silence of a few months, the developers have finally released the information that all players have been waiting for, namely a precise release date. Starfield will be officially available this fall, on September 6, 2023, a few months after the deadline former.

A preview next June

Howard did not provide any information on the reasons behind this new postponement. But he is still quite enthusiastic. To look good, he begins by recalling that this is a pharaonic site that should offer a bewildering amount of playable content.

As a reminder, Starfield is considered the spiritual heir to the legendary series Elder Scrolls. In the past, Howard has described him as a ” skyrim in space “. It will offer the player to explore a huge open world dotted with colorful characters, epic quests and exotic monsters.

But he is careful not to deliver crisp details on the title itself. To get a first preview, you will have to wait until another date announced in this video. Next June, the studio will organize an event called Starfield Direct. With release months away, we can expect Bethesda to release some concrete new information about mechanics and playable content.

While some players will probably be disappointed with this new postponement, it is ultimately very good news for fans. The development of such an ambitious game represents a pharaonic project. And the fact that the developers are taking their time is an encouraging sign. In theory, this means that future customers will be able to enjoy a more mature game on release. And the least we can say is that it is not not luxury knowing Bethesda’s liabilities.

Bethesda expected at the turn after the Fallout 76 fiasco

Because the least we can say is that Todd Howard’s troops are already dragging a few pans at this level. The most significant is undoubtedly Fallout 76, the MMORPG version of the post-apocalyptic franchise. Between the countless bugs, the rickety content and the appalling communication of contempt and flippancy, the game’s release was a real disaster at all levels.

The stakes are therefore high for Bethesda. More than ever, the studio will be expected at the turn; he will absolutely have to offer a mature and successful title to wash away the affront Fallout 76. And a few more months will not be too much to achieve this.

We therefore give you an appointment next June for a first preview, then in September to find out if Bethesda will deserve its redemption with Starfield. Let’s just hope that the public will not give in to the temptation of pre-ordering to make the studio face up to its responsibilities.

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