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The project could well be taken over by Amazon Prime Video and Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock.

A few weeks ago, the company dj2 Entertainment announced that the video game It Takes Two would soon be adapted into a series and a film. If we didn’t have a lot of details about it, it turns out that variety has some news for us regarding the film. According to the media, which cites sources familiar with the matter, it is Amazon Prime Video which could invest in the production of the title, and therefore recover exclusivity for the broadcast.

We also learn that the company Seven Bucks will also be part of the production side, the latter being represented by Hiram Garcia, Dany Garcia and the great Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). The participation of the actor/producer could not be limited to this activity, and even appear in the cast of the film. However, this information has not been confirmed.

It Takes Two takes its time

With these revelations, we still don’t know almost anything about the adaptation, or even if it will be in live-action or in an animated version, although everything suggests that the latter would be much more faithful to the original game. We know, however, that it is Casey and Josh Miller who will take care of the consistency of the adaptation. Previously, they had already worked on the script for the film Sonic, but also on the adaptation of tomb Raider or even of Disco Elysium.

We should therefore be entitled to a quality porting of the adventures of Cody and May. These two lovers have over time lost the thread of their passion, and lost sight of each other. They are on the verge of divorce when their daughter accidentally traps them in the bodies of magic dolls. To get out of it, they have to work as a team and follow the advice of a marriage advice book.

An adventure that had particularly marked us in 2021, and that we can’t wait to find on the small or big screen in the coming months.

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