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Blizzard’s team FPS is preparing its big comeback and is organizing a second test session, here’s how to participate.

It was during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase that Overwatch surprised everyone with a massive announcement: the game will finally be free-to-play. A wise decision on the part of the studio which seemed to be losing its audience little by little in the face of a new game presenting itself as a simple update or extension of the original.

In order to continue on its good momentum and to continue its quest for the interest of old and new players, Blizzard already intends to offer a new beta. More platforms and new content, here is what awaits players very soon.

A more complete beta than the previous one

While the experience offered during the last test session left the players unmoved, the teams ofOverwatch intend to catch up with a new beta closer to the experience that will be offered when the game is released on October 4th. Starting tonight at 7 p.m., a presentation stream will be organized to give news of the title and present in more detail the test period that is looming.

In the meantime, Blizzard is already revealing via a tweet that this second phase will be enhanced with a new character and a new map. This will of course be the Junker Queen that everyone was waiting for who will take the role of tank, which we will be able to test on the new Rio de Janeiro map seen during the Xbox presentation a few days ago.

How and when to participate?

Same operation as for the beta of last April and May, to be able to hope to get your hands on access to this test phase, you will have to register on Overwatch official site from today. It’s a safe bet that registrations will start after tonight’s livestream, which seems to have some surprises in store for us.

If your account is selected, you can then embark on the Overwatch 2 adventure from June 28. And beware, this time the beta is not only limited to the platform but will also recruit Overwatch agents on the PlayStation and Xbox side. Alone Switch players are left out for the moment while waiting to learn more about the arrival of this sequel on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

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