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“Wembanyama is going to be someone unique”



During an interview with the NBA site, the new pivot of Minnesota Rudy Gobert spoke about his compatriot Victor Wembanyama, and he is full of praise for him.

If all goes well, they will meet on the NBA courts in a year. Rudy Gobert is under contract until 2026 with Minnesota and Victor Wembanyama is announced as the number 1 of the next Draft (or number 2 at worst, if Scoot Henderson passes him in front of recruiters). The two men met last week in Las Vegas, where the 30-year-old center was coming to play a pre-season game with the Wolvess, while the 18-year-old strong winger came to play two exhibition games with Boulogne-Levallois against a G-League team, where he amazed all observers.

Gobert: “The first time I saw him play, I knew he would be special”

This Monday, Rudy Gobert gave an interview to the official NBA website, and he was inevitably asked about his young compatriot, to whom he predicts a great future. “I have known Victor since he was 13 years old. He’s a great boy. He is very wise. Obviously, he has all the tools. But what makes him special is his mindset. He is passionate about the game. He wants to be big, and he knows what it takes to be big. He puts it all together and works very hard to reach this level. It was really cool to watch him grow. The first time I saw him play, I knew he would be special. But the real question was how far and how far? Looking at the past few days, we can all agree that he is going to be someone unique. As soon as I was able to speak with him and understand his state of mind, I knew he would be great. He has all the tools, but the mindset is the most important tool, and he has it. (…) It doesn’t often happen that I’m shorter than someone (he’s 2.16m tall, or 3 centimeters shorter than “Wemby”, editor’s note) It was great (smile). I’m used to being the one watching from above. It’s unusual for me, but it happens. I saw Boban (Marjanović, Houston pivot, who measures 2.24m, editor’s note) and Tacko (Fall, former Boston and Cleveland pivot, now in China, who measures 2.29m, editor’s note) at a few times. It makes me feel like a normal person. “And to think that his two players will soon wear the jersey of the France team together. We salivate in advance!

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