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what are the first reviews saying about the open beta?



The open beta phase for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II has just ended. Is the FPS promised a bright future?

It’s been a good week since console and PC players have access to the open beta of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, which is expected later in the year. First PlayStation players, then those on Xbox and PC, many fans of the license have tried the new shooter, which is intended to be the remaster of Modern Warfare II released in 2009. This kind of test has always a crucial importance for the publisher as for the players, because it is during these few days that we can evaluate the potential of the title in terms of gunplay and multiplayer mode.

It is therefore always interesting to look at the results of the famous beta, which is a clear success for Activision this time. On the networks, the players say they are mostly very satisfied with the sensations provided by the game and by the general atmosphere of the maps offered. A success confirmed by the studio, which expresses itself with gratitude to its loyal players:

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta ended yesterday, and it entered the record books. Call of Duty players have made the Modern Warfare II Open Beta the biggest beta in Call of Duty history: the most players, the most hours played, and the most matches played on PlayStation® 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC platforms combined. Thanks to the Call of Duty community!

On PC, Steam also saw strong attendance with concurrent player counts peaking at 125,000. However, not everything was rosy on the program, a scourge well known to current players quickly resurfaced. Many have complained about cheaters, who are already cracking down on others en masse. call of dutynotably Warzone. A problem answered by Infinity Ward in a not very reassuring tweet.

The studio gave no explanation and was content to specify that actions against cheaters would be put in place. It’s still a disappointment for those who expected a marked improvement since the introduction of Activision’s new anti-cheat software, which takes pleasure in punishing players in very original ways.

An approaching release date

As a reminder, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II will be available on consoles and PC on October 28, a month from now. Warzone 2.0 will follow soon after, with a release date set for November 16. The first is already available for pre-order, knowing that this action will allow you to access the game in early access a week before the other players.

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