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what are the next free games?



As usual, the next PlayStation Plus games are leaking before their time.

It’s the same thing every month. Before Sony has even been able to announce anything, Dealabs is getting its hands on the upcoming PlayStation Plus games and revealing them to us in preview. In the leaks for the month of November, we are preparing to welcome video game monuments. Here are (a priori) the titles that will be offered in a few days to Essential, Extra and Premium subscribers.

Samurai, wizards and engineers

In November, players will have to put on several hats and diversify their activities. The first game offered is Nioh 2, with a PS4 version but also PS5, which contains the remaster of the basic game. Developed by Team Ninja, the game is famous for its explosive and challenging gameplay. Taking place in the Sengoku era, the title puts you in the shoes of a demon-hunting samurai who must fight the forces of darkness no matter what.

After accomplishing this, take out your wand and put on your cape, Sony takes you into the world of LEGO Harry Potter Collection. This is a compilation containing the two games of the franchise, the latter retracing the 7 school years of the chosen one, all redesigned with LEGO sauce because… why not?

Finally, budding engineers will be able to express all their expertise with Heavenly Bodies, a space game that puts the laws of physics to the test. In this title, you must carry out a particularly difficult project while dealing with weightlessness and the directives of the control center. For those who dread spending time alone in space, know that the game is playable in coop (two brains are always better than one).

How to get these games?

As a reminder, the PlayStation Plus Essential is a subscription service offered by Sony on its consoles giving you access each month to free downloadable games, often three or four in number, and allows you to play online multiplayer games. The basic subscription is available at prices of €8.99 per month, €24.99 per quarter or €59.99 per year.

The Extra (400 PS4/PS5 games) or Premium (700 PS/PS2/PS3/PS4/PS5 games, streaming on PC, free trials) formulas are displayed at a price of €13.99 per month / €39.99 € per quarter / €99.99 per year for the Extra formula or €16.99 per month / €49.99 per quarter / €119.99 per year for the Premium formula.

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