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what is this secret cave discovered in Zone Zero?



The late game of Pokémon Purple and Scarlet allows access to a new secret cave. We explain how to access it.

Pokemon Purple and Scarlet has been out for a little over a month now, and despite the criticism, players agree that the new generation is brilliantly renewing a license that was starting to feel warmed up. The world of Paldea is vast, and its exploration requires several tens of hours of play. However, and as often with pocket monsters, it is in the late game that title finds all its interest.

As some players have reported, Zone Zero, accessible only after completing the three main quests, holds some well-kept secrets. In particular, there is a secret cave, allowing you to recover the ability Roar-Moon (for Scarlet), and Garde-de-Iron (for Violet). A little further, another player on Reddit also reports the existence of a second caveparticularly interesting for the farm.

Access is a bit tedious, but allows access to a space near the waterfalls populated by Diamat, a creature not really rare in the Paldea region. No rare Pokémon seem to have been spotted in the area, but by skillfully using the sandwiches it is possible to meet Chanseys at high level. The advantage of such a fight lies in the XP collected by your pocket monsters after a fight against the healing Pokémon. To achieve this, it will be necessary in particular to tackle the preparation of a ham sandwich, used to obtain an Aura Encounter Normal.

With new evolutions and a slew of quests, Pokemon Purple and Scarlet brilliantly renews the Nintendo and Game Freak license. The Japanese company has every interest in capitalizing on the longevity of its new games, since the tenth generation Pokémon could be very long in coming.

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