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what time do the servers open on October 4th?



The sequel to Blizzard’s FPS has never been closer, and as gamers get impatient, we’ll tell you how to prepare.

It is on this October 3 at 6 p.m. (French time) thatOverwatch first of the name bows out by permanently closing its servers. However, don’t panic because you will be able to find it better the next day with the release ofOverwatch 2 October 4. After being announced two years ago, this famous sequel finally arrives to the delight of its community.

This transition is accompanied by changes that have not all been well received (we think in particular of the battle pass system to finance the free-to-play model) but above all it will allow a fresh boost to a title who was well aging (not to say dead). If you can’t wait to find out Overwatch and its agents in a new light, here are some tips to prepare you for the outbreak of hostilities.

Pre-downloading: a winning bet

Players who already haveOverwatch or having invested in the Observatory Pack on can already download the files of the new game for a few days now. However, console players will have to wait a little longer and hope that their connection holds up on D-Day. Indeed, it is from 6 p.m. (French time) on October 4 that owners of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch will be able to start downloading this update-like sequel.

If you haven’t invested in Overwatch and you are waiting for the game to be free to launch, unfortunately you will not be able to preload the game. To start installing the title, you will have to wait for the official launch which will take place quite late in France.

A busy end of the day

The players who intended to embark on Overwatch 2 in the morning will have a very funny surprise when they wake up. Indeed, although the game is officially released on October 4, the servers will open globally. And if you live in mainland France, the game’s release will be much closer to October 5 than you might imagine..

It is at 9 p.m. (French time) that the servers ofOverwatch 2 will be activated to launch the renewal of the franchise. New game mode, new maps and new heroes await players looking for wild games. Blizzard has a whole host of surprises in store to celebrate this occasion. Gifts for early gamers or even legendary skin for twitch viewersthis comeback for Overwatch will be under the sign of cosmetics.

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