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What to Do if You Are Hit By a Car on a Bicycle




If there were pedestrians or other drivers in the area that may have seen the accident take place, speak to them and ask what they saw happen.


Bicycles are utilized for a number of purposes including, transportation, recreation, and exercise. Nevertheless, despite how versatile they may be, when it comes to sharing the road with motorized vehicles, they also put the rider in serious danger. Unfortunately, vehicle collisions with bicycles are common and can prove to be fatal, with a report by the IIHS claiming that 843 bicyclists were killed in accidents with motorized vehicles in 2019. However, not all accidents are deadly, and if you are involved in one, these are the steps you should immediately after. The actions that you take following such an accident can have a significant effect on your health, insurance, and any legal case that may follow in the event of damages or injuries.

Call 911

Following the accident, you, someone else involved, or a witness should call the authorities immediately. Even if the accident wasn’t very serious and nobody appears to be injured, try and make sure everyone in the area stays and waits for the police to arrive. The authorities will not only be able to file a legal report on the incident but can bring medical specialists to the scene if necessary.


Seek Medical Attention

Even if you do not look or feel injured, it is crucial that you accept any medical attention that is offered. Often, people sustain injuries that may not be visible to the naked eye could be serious such as brain injuries, that would not otherwise be detected without professional help. These injuries can prove to be fatal in some situations and sometimes preventable if treated immediately.


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