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what to expect from the newly announced sequel?



Hideo Kojima’s bizarre teaser comes to an end with the not-so-surprising announcement of Death Stranding 2 which will be a direct sequel to the original.

Hideo Kojima achieves the impossible by creating a surprise with a game that we were all waiting for. For several months now, the creator has been sharing a series of teasers at major gaming industry events. We have therefore discovered various enigmatic posters presenting the actresses who embody new faces in a Kojima Productions game still kept secret.

Doubt hovered some time after rumors about a horror game titled Overdose. But it was not without counting on the awkwardness of the producer of the studio. In a quickly deleted tweet, she linked one of the posters to the hashtag. death stranding. A sequel in the works? It only took two months to get to the bottom of it. death stranding 2 has just been made official at the Game Awards 2022 in a still confusing trailer.

What does this sequel have in store for us?

The script details are obviously kept secret, but it is already possible to project yourself thanks to the members of the cast. We will therefore find Léa Seydoux in the role of Fragile that she already interpreted in the first episode as well as, you guessed it, Norman Reedus in the role of Sam Bridges. The character’s features appear older, suggesting that the game is set long after the events of the first.

As for the new faces who did not appear in the trailer, it will be possible to discover Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna in roles that are still unknown, but certainly very important. New protagonists perhaps?

Otherwise, Kojima also spoke about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the development of the game. Without this page of our history, the scenario of this episode could have been drastically different:

I wrote the story just before the pandemic, but after experiencing it, I picked up the narrative from scratch. I didn’t want to predict the future again, so I rewrote everything.

After a trip to a decimated America in death stranding first of the name, the direction of the scenario will therefore be different from the original plans. For the moment, no release date has been announced, but the title will be released on PlayStation 5 like the original opus, which remained exclusive for some time.

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