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When an AI imagines countries in naughty video game mode…



… it gives quite impressive results. When will there be a video game with the wicked French automaton?

With the advent of ChatGPT, the world only talks about artificial intelligence and its implication in writing. But another area is benefiting greatly from the evolution of AI, and that is that of art. With all the issues that come with it – in terms of copyright, art theft, and commercial use – AI-generated art is showing us its prowess day after day, and that’s again the case with Midjourney.

The software that can generate any image from precise instructions has imagined what countries would look like if they were video game characters, and more precisely big bad guys. The human behind this idea is user Freitas AI Art, who shares the results on his TikTok account. The images you are about to see were relayed by Crypto Tea’s Twitter account, which is now racking up millions of views.

Midjourney is a tool that is not unknown to us, and which turns out to be an absolutely stunning AI when you know how to use it. We have already used it several times on the Journal du Geek to illustrate some of our articles.

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Colorful characters

To achieve this result, the Internet user has precisely described which objects or physical features correspond to each country. If some denote a certain originality (Costa Rica, South Africa, Jamaica or Egypt), others are content with little. This is particularly the case of the villainous Chinese, which is none other than a simple dragon, or even India which is represented by an elephant.

We still note the presence of several robotic villains, almost all in a steampunk or cyberpunk style. It seems the AI ​​doesn’t take a dim view of technology, while other creatures seem to be literally possessed by Mother Nature. That of France looks like an imposing automaton, wearing a Napoleonic hat and the color blue, anchored in our history. It remains to be seen what the revolution would have given with this kind of character as a living weapon.

Obviously some of these images may seem cliché, but the fact remains that most of the cultural attributes of each country are fairly well represented and the whole thing gives an impressive result. To view all of the creations, click on the tweet below to access the Twitter thread.

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