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When Gobert renovates the land of his childhood…



Yop, Rudy Gobert’s partner, donated 61,700 euros to the Rudy’s Kids Foundation on Tuesday evening in Sèvres to renovate the Saint-Quentin site, the site where Rudy played as a child. The counters of the French pivot of Utah Jazz during the regular season had made it possible to increase the counter to 35,000 euros. Journalists and personalities added 26,700 euros via a shooting contest.

Rudy Gobert can thank his “teammates” for one evening. Thanks to the free throws and three-point baskets achieved on Tuesday evening by 25 journalists and basketball personalities on the floor of the Sèvres gymnasium, it is not 35,000 but 61,700 euros that Rudy’s foundation, the Rudy’s Kids Foundation, will collect to realize one of Rudy’s dreams: to renovate the land of his childhood. A jackpot of 35,000 euros, the result of Rudy Gobert’s performance during his team’s matches (for the past two years, Yop has been paying 500 euros to the Rudy’s kid foundation for each successful counter by Rudy at home in order to finance programs around the youth in France), Jacques Monclar, Kévin Séraphin, Rémi Reverchon, Eric Micoud and other Stephen Brun, to name a few, allowed Tuesday, by surveying free throws and 3-point baskets, to add 26,700 additional euros at the donation counter. During this disputed challenge in the absence of the principal concerned, retained by his obligations as an NBA player, Yop had thus undertaken to pay 100 euros per successful throw and 500 euros for each successful three-point basket! All with the aim of further inflating the kitty for the benefit of the foundation. A fully successful mission, to the delight of the triple best defender of the prestigious North American league.

Gobert will be able to renovate the “Champs-Elysées”

“You put a lot of shots, it’s nice,” congratulated Rudy Gobert in video afterwards. “This year, I missed a lot of games, sixteen I think, so it’s nice to be able to count on your help to increase the donation counter. And 61,700 euros is great. This second season of the partnership between “Gobzilla” and Yop will indeed allow this year to renovate a basketball court in Saint-Quentin, and not just any, since it is the one where the former player of Cholet, then very young, took his first steps in basketball player. “This land, we call it the Champs Elysées. Not those of Paris, but those of Saint-Quentin. This is the basketball court which is just in front of the Palais des Sports, where the city’s professional basketball team plays. When I was little, I spent a lot of time on this ground to play basketball or football. It’s nice that Yop is fully with us to bring this project to life and I can’t wait to see what it’s going to bring, “savored the native of Saint-Quentin, who will play the prime contractors alongside the Etendard association, chosen to carry out the work.

Gobert: “My mother didn’t earn anything, but I always saw her give to the homeless”

“We are going to work on a design in order to give it meaning and make it look beautiful. Afterwards, we will try to put things in place for the young people so that they can benefit from this ground, not only for basketball, but also for other operations which will allow them to express themselves and learn. And that it has a positive impact on young people. » Gobert attaches the greatest importance to it. In the same way that he has always made a philosophy of life to help the poorest. “I have always wanted to help people in need. My mother was at the RSA, but I always saw her giving money to the homeless when she earned nothing. It has always stayed with me. And then, growing up, I was lucky enough to be able to be in the NBA, earn a good living and inspire the youngest. »

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