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when Superman meets Matrix thanks to Unreal Engine 5



This developer takes advantage of the Matrix Awakens technical demo and the Unreal Engine 5 engine to realize his dream of having a video game bearing the image of Superman, and the result is stunning.

A few days ago, Epic Games showed off its latest super-powerful game engine, Unreal Engine 5, to the world. But that wasn’t the first time it was put to the test. Indeed we remember a few technical demos, in particular that of The Coalition or even The Matrix Awakens, released on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S at the end of the year 2021.

The latter is now back in the spotlight thanks to an independent developer, who calls himself Volod on the networks. He shared on Twitter his latest creation: a Superman game created from the Matrix demo. On the few videos shared, we can see the architecture of the city used in The Matrix Awakensin which a car chase normally takes place, and a character with no notable identity but who uses the same powers as those of Superman.

Most impressive is how easily the character moves between bridges and buildings with flight mechanics that really remind us of the Superman movies. In other videos, the developer puts some of the features of Unreal Engine 5 to the test, such as the proprietary physics simulation system Chaos which causes chain reactions following a charged attack from the hero.

Soon a Superman game on Unreal Engine 5?

Following the publication of his work, the developer received many positive reactions and for good reason, the prototype is very promising. In a final video, the superhero once again shows us his flying skills, but also performs arabesques and other pirouettes, spectacular jumps and handles certain objects from a distance.

If the adventure could have stopped at these beautiful images, it is not so. Indeed, in his last post, Volod calls for the opinions of players, and hypothesizes that one day one day create a game with these same mechanics, but which would not be officially branded Superman, for legal reasons. He explains :

We will attempt to turn this tech demo into a real game (without any association with Superman’s IP). If you’re an experienced concept artist, musician, character or environment designer on UE4 and want to join us in your free time, send me a message.

The project is therefore indeed underway, we will see in a few years what can come out of it. In any case, in the DC Comics universe, we are still waiting for the two games Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights.

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