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While waiting for Pokémon, Nintendo has the perfect game for you



Temtem is out on Nintendo Switch and should please all Pokemon fans.

Pokémon fans are all eagerly awaiting the release of Purple and Scarlet, which are slated for Nintendo Switch in next November 18. If that leaves us two big months ahead of us before we can discover them, Nintendo does not intend to give us a single moment of respite and today offers us a title in the same vein. It is Temtem, a massively multiplayer game in which you play as a trainer in search of adorable and combative flying creatures. It feels like deja vu…

Temtem is a game from Humble Games, which was previously illustrated on Unpacking or drill. We can therefore expect a small nugget in power. On viewing the trailer, we find in Temtem all the elements that will make it an excellent adventure game. In addition to a campaign mode, you can play online or in cooperation, but also take part in the management of your home. So many activities that transport you to a fun and colorful universe.

In Temtem you travel the six islands of the Aerial Archipelago, and your goal is to capture as many creatures as possible, raise them and use them to fight your enemies, whether fierce bosses or online players . To perfect your experience, you of course have the option of fully customizing your appearance. Temtem is now already available on Nintendo eShop for €44.99.

And for those who are only interested in the original franchise that inspired this work, Nintendo invites you to meet in November, or even before, for more information on the content of the games, which are gradually revealed over the years. leaks. However, take a look at the new Pokémon expected in these games.

Note that the game is also available on many other platforms. Thus players on PlayStation, Xbox or even PC will also be able to discover this title.

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