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why a remaster is a bad idea



According to the latest rumors, Sony is preparing a remaster/remake of its Horizon Zero Dawn game.

At the beginning of September, Sony released its remake of The Last of Us, which was released on its consoles for the third time in 9 years. A controversial decision, which did not fail to react to the players on the networks and to spill a lot of ink in the specialized press. However, it is not a debate that was born with the release of this game, and it is time to put it back on the carpet.

From the latest rumours, it looks like Sony is planning to develop a remaster or remake of his game Horizon Zero Dawn. Reported by MP1st, the information has since been confirmed by Lance McDonald, a well-known insider in the field who has had few approximations to his credit. The site explains that the planned work pretty much encompasses what was presented to us earlier in The Last of Us Part I.

We think in particular of a new character design, more realistic and more faithful to the second opus, an overall graphic improvement (textures, environments, photorealism, light, etc.) as well as support for more visual options (4K, 120fps, etc). However, nothing tells us yet if this project will take the form of a remaster (improvement work from the existing game) or a remake (the resumption of the original game from the beginning).

The fashion for remasters: never two without a thousand

For the moment, all this information has been massively relayed, but never confirmed by the main parties concerned. Neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games wanted to comment, and we suspect that we will have to be patient before discovering such work on our consoles. The game is also supposed to be released on PS5 and PC.

With all this, one can nevertheless ask the question of the legitimacy of a remaster. Horizon Zero Dawn is the first installment of a franchise that has marked the history of video games. A remaster should therefore find its audience on its own. Only problem, the title was released in 2017, so a little over 5 years ago. That’s an extremely short amount of time for a video game’s lifespan and, all things considered, a remaster job wouldn’t be relevant for a title as recent as this.

With its sequel just coming out of the oven at the start of the year, we suspect that Sony will want to play on the feeling of unity that will bind the two games, as it has already done for The Last of Us but also Uncharted. We fear, however, that this is only a vague excuse to sell us once again a refurbished video game when it had barely had time to exist. If remasters and remakes are so dear to the heart of the studio, why not reserve this treatment for older licenses, which would deserve a real breath of fresh air and modernity? The debate is open, and of course, we recommend that you take all this information with due regard.

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