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Why are Xbox controllers disappearing from the shelves?



The shortage of components continues to rage and extends to new Xbox products that are going to be harder to find.

For more than two years, the shortage of electronic components has continued to affect the supply of many technological products. A situation that also affects the field of video games, and more specifically the latest generation consoles, which have been extremely difficult to find since the day they were released.

If Jim Ryan from PlayStation has expressed himself a few times vaguely on the subject, it is rather Phil Spencer from Xbox who keeps us regularly informed of the progress of the situation. And today, the news is bad. Indeed, a spokesperson for the studio told VGC that Xbox controllers were indeed affected by the shortage.

We know it can be difficult to find Xbox Wireless Controllers right now due to supply disruptions. We are working as quickly as possible with our manufacturer and retail partners to improve the situation. Please check availability with your local retailer.”

Out of stock, even in France

This long-awaited confirmation comes after several out-of-stock incidents at major retailers as well as on Microsoft’s official website. A situation that worries players, even though they thought they were finally getting by with the Xbox Series X / S. It has indeed been several months since the Series S models have been back on the shelves, but it seems that the shortage of components is experiencing a relapse, particularly in France, as well as a handful of other countries.

However, the current situation is so complex that it is currently impossible to determine when a return to normal will be possible. If initially the experts estimated that stocks would replenish by the end of 2021, today they predict rather that the shortage will continue to impact everything until 2023, if not longer.

Another controller in sight?

You will therefore have to take your troubles patiently. However, controllers are not like consoles: there are many more alternatives built by other brands. For example, we tested the Nacon Revolution X or the Scuf Instinct, which are both available for purchase. Otherwise, you can always try your luck at Xbox Design Lab, which still promises delivery within 28 days of ordering. However, it could also be that the message on the site has simply not been updated.

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