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will Google’s controllers end up in electronic waste?



With the closure of Google Stadia, will the controllers built by the company turn into a tide of electronic waste?

The information fell last week, it’s over for Google Stadia. Without warning the developers, the platform that wanted to revolutionize cloud gaming sounded its death warrant, set at next January 18. If the web giant has already planned to reimburse purchases of dematerialized games, it has not planned to compensate those who have purchased the official Stadia controller, so far sold for €70 with a Chromecast Ultra . A commercial failure, but also an ecological one.

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Users want a software update

For Google, the solution would actually be quite simple: update the bluetooth firmware of the gamepad to make it compatible with other devices. For the moment, the controller can only be used with the GAFAM platform in wireless mode. It is still possible to plug it into USB-C on a PC for use on Steam, but Bluetooth is completely restricted on other platforms.

On Reddit, players have taken the time to apostrophize Google to demand a very last update before the death of the service. Objective: to allow the controller to work wirelessly on any other platform. The community thus hopes to convince the web giant to unlock Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality of the device, while the most optimistic ask for the shifting the gamepad to open sourcein order to allow everyone to develop their own tools.

An ecological disaster in perspective?

According to some netizens on Reddit, Google would not have planned the slightest gesture. None update has not yet been announcedand in its FAQ, GAFAM always states that “most of the equipment purchased [..] directly from Google cannot be returned“. It remains to be seen whether he will offer concrete solutions in the months to come. Otherwise, many Stadia controllers could end up in the trash, representing a small ecological disaster on their own. In the same way, Google will undoubtedly have a hard time selling the remaining stocks of its controller. Commercial success had not really been there, and it is unclear how many unsold units the company still has in its drawers.

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