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Will Kill the Justice League be full of micro-transactions?



If all goes well, players will finally be able to take on the Justice League with the Suicide Squad on May 26! The next game from Rocksteady, creator of the Batman: Arkham trilogy, is obviously highly anticipated, but doubts and even fears remain regarding the monetization of the title.

Almost eight years later Batman: Arkham Knightas saying that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is awaited like the messiah by hordes of players disappointed by the bland Gotham Knights, released a few months ago and received quite freshly. Fans of the trilogy developed by Rocksteady intend to get back to their old habits with the new title developed by the studio. They are also white-hot after the postponements of the game which was originally planned for last year.

The fears of the game-service

In the end, we know very little about this Suicide Squad. Especially anything related to game monetization, and the news isn’t very encouraging on that front. A screenshot, deleted at the request of the editor, circulated on social networks. We can see Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, King Shark and Deadshot together, with options to launch matchmaking, adjust the difficulty level, select a chapter… But there are also references to a shop, cosmetic items as well. only to a Battle Pass.

Players should therefore not escape the usual techniques of publishers who seek to make their developments fully profitable. The same capture also indicates that the game should have no less than six currencies! The fear of the players is that it is impossible to progress in having to put their hands in their pocket, while the title will be paid for at the base.

While Warner Bros has made no statement, a source from VGC involved in the development ensures that the Battle Pass will allow you to receive only cosmetic elements, and that the currencies will only be used to progress in the skill tree. Let’s hope so !

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