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Will PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo skip E3 this year?



We are starting to see more clearly about the organization of E3 2023 and the bad news is linked.

This year 2023 marks the supposed great return of E3. The biggest fair dedicated to video games should return to its native land in Los Angeles for a large-scale physical edition, full of surprises of all kinds. Unfortunately they are not all good. According to IGN, the three biggest advertisers will pass their turn this year and simply won’t attend E3.

These are obviously PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. For the first, nothing abnormal. Sony’s video game branch has been shunning trade shows and other events for a few years now. The only exception that we could note dates from the last Summer Game Fest, to which the firm dedicated a State of Play, but in a totally digital way and this a few days before the show even started.

A matter of timing

For Nintendo and Xbox on the other hand, it sounds like a disappointment. Just a few days ago, when announcing the Developer Direct, Xbox said that a special event for Starfield was being prepared, as well as “our annual Showcase, which will take place this summer in Los Angeles.” It is the latter that generally integrates the E3 festivities, generally among the first presentations.

As for Nintendo, we can say that the timing this year hurts things. Next May will be released the long-awaited Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, which has a good chance of being voted game of the year. A release like this therefore has every interest in not being overshadowed by any event the month following its availability. However, it is hard to imagine Nintendo completely missing out on its famous Summer Direct.

Independent conferences to plan?

If for the moment none of the three manufacturers has confirmed the rumors, the possibility that they will in turn present their own independent event remains very strong. For PlayStation there is even almost no doubt. This possible cancellation would therefore be a blow for the ESA, which is working hard to revive its show and this raises questions about the very sustainability of this kind of exhibition.

Since the pandemic, the question of profitability and ease of organization no longer even arises in the face of a completely digital model. There is therefore only the advantage of the social link that persists with physical events. A sacrifice that will soon no longer be one at a time when all entertainment is digitized. How much longer will E3 last?

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