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Will the next Call of Duty Modern Warfare be announced soon?



Infinity Ward is changing its profile on the networks and panicking Call of Duty players who are eagerly awaiting the next Modern Warfare.

A few months ago, Activision unveiled its roadmap for the next releases call of dutyand announced that the next game would be the continuation of Modern Warfare released in 2019. But since then, the firm has given no official news and rumors are rife on the networks. However, a recent event could portend a big announcement in the days to come.

Indeed, on Twitter, Infinity Ward seems ready to communicate. The studio, which takes care of the next opus Modern Warfare, changed his profile picture and banner to an all-black image and an image so dark it’s hard to see anything, respectively. What does it mean, and how does it relate to Modern Warfare 2022?

An important announcement soon?

Obviously, Infinity Ward has not communicated about this change, however not insignificant, so we do not know officially what it is all about for the moment. However, we can always count on Internet users to do some research and spread rumours. The cover image, for example, can offer some clues.

By brightening it, Charlie Intel managed to make the Ghost character appear in the background. A true gaming figurehead call of dutyGhost is an emblematic character that we should find in the next Modern Warfare. However, this does not indicate anything about the content of the game itself, or even about its announcement date. For some time, fans seem to think that the April 30 date should be important, without confirmation from Activision.

You will therefore have to be patient if you want to know more about Modern Warfare 2the sequel to the reboot released in 2019. In the meantime, all these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt since they have very little legitimacy today.

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