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will the saga say goodbye to Final Fantasy?



The creator of Kingdom Hearts is not sure whether to include characters from Final Fantasy in the next episodes of the license.

Although the characters of Final Fantasy and their unique aesthetics are an integral part of the universe of Kingdom Hearts, the future of Testuya Nomura’s franchise could be without them. Indeed, in an interview with our colleagues from Game InformerNomura reveals that the next episodes could do without outside characters.

He also said:

Many fans think Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration between Disney and Final Fantasy, but I think that’s not the core concept of Kingdom Hearts, it’s not the essence of the game.

Final Fantasy as a stopgap

Originally, the inclusion of Final Fantasy characters in the Kingdom Hearts games had a practical purpose ! “When we released the first episode, we only had a few original Kingdom Hearts characters. And when these characters interacted with well-known characters from Disney, it reinforced the impression that no one knew these characters yet and he was no match for these icons.”, tells us the creator of the saga.

We then found characters like Leon, Aerith and Yuffie in front of Sora, Donald and Goofy giving birth to this unexpected cross-over. But after no less than eight titles Kingdom Heartsthe roster of original characters has grown significantly, and Kingdom Hearts III had found itself devoid of representatives of the Final Fantasy franchise (until the release of its Re:Mind DLC).

Fans were then taken aback by this sudden absence which Nomura now explains as a lack of space: “Now there are so many original characters that fans love and players want to see them more often. With Kingdom Hearts III we had so many characters to include that it was hard to find room for Final Fantasy characters.

It’s all about balance

In the future, the characters of Final Fantasy could then disappear purely and simply if these are not necessary for the development of the Kingdom Hearts story.

We try to find a good balance. I know some fans were worried about that, weren’t happy, and wanted to see more Final Fantasy characters. It’s something we’re thinking about. But with the number of original characters we have now, it’s hard to know what the balance will be and how it will evolve in Kingdom Hearts IV. We cannot give you a clear answer on this at this time.

Despite the possible absence of characters from Final Fantasy, Nomura has however confirmed that there will still be Disney worlds in this new title. After the game was announced, speculation about the realistic art direction in complete opposition to the Disney aesthetic left us confused. The worlds of our favorite animated films will be back, but fewer than usual to offer us even more advanced and immersive worlds thanks to the next-gen.

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