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Winkyverse: Crypto-education is projecting into the metaverse




The metaverse is on the rise. The world is tearing away these virtual plots of land, the FOMO is in full swing in a speculative frenzy. Once again, blockchain technology is playing its pioneering role, and investors are panicking about the potential of these parallel universes.

Far from utopias, the Winkyverse platform prefers to bet on the true future of humanity. Thanks to the Winky educational robot, the Mainbot company is betting on games, blockchain and metaverse to prepare and train children for the technological challenges of the world of tomorrow.

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The educational world in the face of technology

We hear it every day, children are glued to the screens… Captivated by their favorite games or cartoons, the traditional educational environment no longer seems suitable. Yet playing is one of the most instinctive educational springs. Observing nature is enough to understand that knowledge is transmitted much more easily through play. A finding that does not, however, really influence a world of education reluctant to question its aging pedagogy.

Thanks to blockchain, Winkyverse will offer educational games in the first metaverse dedicated to education
Video games are powerful learning tools

The Winky project was born 4 years ago in the largest French engineering school, the polytechnic school. It aims to guide children on the path of technology and the future in a fun way. The first product offered is the eponymous educational and evolving robot “Winky”. A commercial success since to date, thousands of families across Europe have already adopted this cybernetic little creature.

Blockchain technology, a natural extension of the education of the future

A logical extension of the initial quest, the Winkyverse now completes the learning process. It is the first educational games platform with its own cryptocurrency in ERC-20 format, the $ WNK. It combines six of the major technologies of the future, in order to create a unique educational ecosystem: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Video Games, Augmented Reality and Blockchain.

Winky is a playful robot that teaches children the basics of programming and robotics using blockchain and metaverse
Robots and artificial intelligence are key elements of the future

A strategic evolution which allowed the project to raise significant funds again. Indeed, the first phase had already raised 10 million euros. The second, supposed to last 2 weeks, was closed in less than 24 hours, reiterating the performance of reaching the 10 million mark. Mainbot and his Winkyverse then become the most funded ICO in France in 2021 with a total of more than € 20,000,000 raised.

A cutting-edge crypto-team backed by prestigious names

Let’s not kid ourselves. Such success is no accident. In addition to the technological expertise of the most famous engineering school in France, the project was able to bring together a poster of crypto-stars worthy of the biggest productions, judge instead:

  • Sébastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox,
  • Nicolas Gilot, co-founder of Ultra,
  • Mickael Canu, Founder of Ternoa,
  • Kyle Chassé, CEO of PAID and Master Ventures,
  • Satoshi Stacker, Renowned crypto-influencer.
Mainbot is backed by big names in the crypto ecosystem

A united team behind the objective of offering children the opportunity tolearn robotics and programming while having fun. Ambition supported by multiple games stimulating cognitive capacities, skills, knowledge and social interaction. A complete ecosystem which will henceforth be hosted on the world’s first educational metaverse.

Education takes center stage in the Winkyverse

The Winkyverse is an open world in 3 dimensions. users will be able to interact, play, learn, create and why not monetize their creations. So to speak the Winkyverse is the world around which revolves the four components of the ecosystem, put into orbit by the team and the community:

 The Winky project is moving towards the metaverse
  • Winky, the robot withstate-of-the-art artificial intelligence. Natural interface developed by robotics and childhood specialists, he is in a way the guide that opens the doors of the metaverse to children.
  • Winkyplay, the platform where players have access to hundreds of fun and stimulating games, created by the best video game developers. They deal with subjects as diverse as English, mathematics or artificial intelligence.
  • Winkymaker, for content creators who can imagine and make their own 3D versions of the Winky robot. They can then propose them in the form of NFT on different marketplaces.
  • The WNK token which is going to be the single currency in circulation in the Winkyverse. It will give access to many benefits such as price reductions, preview access and a lot of other things. It will be offered very soon on various crypto exchanges.

As of today, the Winkyverse is rolling out on Pancakeswap and Uniswap. The famous DEXs will be the first to offer the possibility of acquiring the precious WNKs. Token which as you have understood are necessary to interact in the Winkyverse, and possibly to buy NFTs there.

Moreover, on the occasion of the launch of these pools, 12,111 NFTs called “Winkybots” are put up for sale. New designs that will be usable in the Winkyverse, and will give their owners special powers and potential income on their future creations.

As well as being fun, learning could prove to be very lucrative.


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