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With Guest Star, Twitch makes room for guests during streams



Twitch announces the rollout of a new tool called Guest Star. It will allow creators to involve guests, without going through third-party solutions. The platform continues to develop, not hesitating to turn to talk shows.

Twitch’s audience has grown significantly since the start of the pandemic. A success on which the platform intends to build by offering new products, as Guest Star. This new tool offers creators the possibility of involve guests in their stream “in a simple way”. Until now, it was necessary to use third-party apps to embed audio and video for each video. In short, it’s a small revolution for Twitch which explains that any user with an account can be invited.

When will Guest Start be available?

Twitch explains that the launch of its tool will take place this summer from a small group of hand-picked creators. The service turns to users “who already offer this type of discussion content”. The option chosen by the platform of the giant Amazon, namely to offer its tool to a reduced sample, should make it possible to collect comments. The method is common and lead to the launch of Guest Star for all creators “later in the year”.

How will it work?

The firm says it wants bet on three axes that are simplicity, entertainment and security. The Guest Star tool will work with all popular platforms, like OBS and Twitch Studio. It aims to be as simple as a video chat function by not using any other third-party application.

Guest Star works both on computer (via the browser) or on mobile (via an app). Each stream can accommodate up to five guests and viewers can raise their hand to show interest in joining the broadcast. On the guest window side, Twitch says it wants to offer branded overlays and skins for creators so they can onboard guests in different ways.

Regarding security, each user remains subject to the conditions of use of the platform. Creators and moderators will be able to vet potential guests and weed out bad performers from their stream by viewing phone verification settings, profile age, and whether the account is in good standing, Twitch said. They will also be able to remove guests from their feed with the click of a button, for any reason.

Why does Twitch rely on guests?

Often associated with the world of video games and e-sports, Twitch has seen the “Discussion” category experiencing very strong growth since the pandemic. The company advertises that this is one of the fastest growing categories; supporting his words with figures. Between January-May 2020 and January-May 2022, hours watched in the “Just Chatting” category increased by 151% and creator revenue jumped by 169%.

Twitch’s new tool confirms that the platform wants attract talk show creators. The video platform thinks in particular of television games, advice chronicles or sports programs.

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