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With Ray-Tracing, 1993’s Doom Is Bloody Beautiful



The original Doom is first of all a precursor FPS of the genre, but it is also a symbol for the community of hackers: the game is thus used for all kinds of experimentation. How about ray-tracing?

Despite its great age (the game was released in 1993, almost thirty years ago!), doom still inspires hackers as much as ever. We no longer count the number of devices on which the FPS from iD Software has been installed, especially on the most unexpected devices, as long as they have a screen: calculator connected to potatoes, pregnancy test…

New ammo for Doom

doom also serves to demonstrate the most modern technologies. Last year, NVIDIA presented a version of Doom Eternal, the latest installment in the saga, on the new RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti graphics cards. In addition to resplendent graphics, the game also offered beautiful ray-tracing effects.

But the feat achieved by the modder Sultim-t is even stronger. He has indeed integrated ray-tracing into the doom of origin. The game retains its “old school” graphics, but the impressive real-time lighting effects restore a spectacular strength to the levels, including a terrifying atmosphere that players of the title were no longer used to.

Levels plunged into darkness become truly ominous again when they are no longer illuminated except by player or demon fire. A great tension therefore, we rediscover with pleasure very well-known passages and it makes you want to dive back into them!

Unfortunately, this beautiful version of doom cannot be installed on anything with a screen, however it is still possible to install it on a PC: Sultim-t offers the source code To download. You must add the .wad file of doom.

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