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The new FPS from Bethesda comes with a major flaw, especially for players looking for a solo adventure.

Becoming a vampire hunter requires courage, willpower and… an internet connection. The new triple A signed Bethesda is finally about to make its debut on Xbox and PC after almost two years of waiting. After Deathloop, this new FPS promises an intense adventure to share up to 4 players in cooperation.

Halfway between enemy waves of a Left 4 Dead and the open-world RPG progression of a far cry, this license is inspired by the best to offer a new recipe. Before being able to form an opinion on this title, it will still be necessary to be patient since its release is only scheduled for May 2, 2023.

But while more precise details about this game are beginning to reach us, a first major flaw is already appearing: it will be impossible to play red fall without a permanent internet connection.

vampires need wifi

As indicated the FAQ of the official site of red fall for a few days, “a persistent internet connection is required for solo and co-op play“, leaving no doubt. Even if DRM and internet access are increasingly common, especially in the implementation of anti-piracy measures, this time it will be necessary to pay for a permanent connection.

While this news isn’t surprising for a game with an online co-op experience, it’s still frustrating. Let’s imagine a player who would like to progress his character during a session on Steam Deck in transport: this scenario is simply impossible without a stable connection. More than an inconvenience, this restriction casts doubt on the future of the title.

While many live service games are shutting down right now, titles available exclusively online pose a real preservation issue. Whether red fall does not meet with the expected success, one could imagine the servers closing their doors very quickly and making this title unplayable overnight.

Before getting there, most players will probably enjoy discovering the title without worrying about the mandatory connection. The games and consoles of now are overconnected, so we don’t even think about these kinds of problems anymore.

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