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Works at the La Fontaine tunnel | More than an hour of waiting in a southerly direction



Le trafic s’intensifie à l’approche du tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine, alors que des automobilistes ont attendu jusqu’à 70 minutes pour entrer dans le tunnel en direction de la Rive-Sud jeudi matin. Le ministère des Transports juge tout de même que les temps d’attente respectent les prévisions.

La circulation est demeurée passable jeudi matin à l’approche du tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine. Il fallait compter une quarantaine de minutes pour traverser les 7 kilomètres qui séparent l’échangeur Anjou au tunnel, un léger ralentissement depuis le début de la semaine.

En voiture, même après l’heure de pointe, vers 10 h, La Presse a mis exactement 41 minutes pour traverser le tunnel, de l’échangeur Anjou à la route 132. La circulation était encore plus fluide à notre retour vers le centre-ville de Montréal par le pont Jacques-Cartier.

« Depuis hier en fin de journée, on est à 40 minutes. C’est à peu près le temps qu’on avait simulé [en direction sud], explains Sarah Bensadoun, spokesperson for the MTQ. It was estimated that the travel time could be up to four times longer. Right now, that’s exactly what we had planned. »

Traffic jams are more noticeable from Highway 40 coming from the east of the island of Montreal. “This morning, we had a few peaks at 70 minutes,” notes Sarah Bensadoun. In the opposite direction, motorists had to allow less than 20 minutes to cover the 22 kilometers that separate Beloeil from the tunnel.

Mitigation measures little used

Only three of the six lanes are now accessible in the tunnel, and this, until 2025. Since the partial closure of the infrastructure on Monday, the MTQ has observed an increase in users in public transport, particularly in the parking lots. incentives, metro and river shuttle. However, the mitigation measures put in place to limit the impacts of the construction site remain little used.

Thursday morning, the five South Shore bus lines that cross the tunnel moved barely 684 passengers, less than the day before. The Société de transport de Montréal reported an 8% increase in ridership in the metro at the Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke station, on the yellow line. The situation remained unchanged in Radisson, on the green line. As for incentive parking, Thursday morning there were 1,257 cars parked out of the 2,780 spaces available, an occupancy rate of 45%.

As since the beginning of the week, crossings from the South Shore to Montreal are relatively fluid. There were few traffic jams Thursday morning near the Jacques-Cartier, Victoria and Samuel-De Champlain bridges.

It is always on the island that the traffic is more difficult. Congestion on Autoroute 40 westbound extends from the Anjou interchange to Décarie. Highway 15 itself is heavily congested northbound, from the Sud-Ouest borough to the Métropolitaine.

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With Pierre-André Normandin

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