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World of Warcraft formalizes its extension and several new ingame features



Blizzard has just announced upcoming content for World of Warcraft, and dragon enthusiasts are in for a treat.

Last week, the name of the new World of Warcraft expansion appeared in the game’s source code days before it was announced. This time it’s official, the next adventure in Azeroth will bear the name of Dragonflight and will have as its central theme… dragons.

A simple and effective name for a new adventure that will lead players on the dragon islands, ancestral lands that had been dormant for nearly 10,000 years. The stunning trailer, a hallmark of Blizzard games, shows us a first look at these islands and the masterful creatures that call them home:

Class and race 2 in 1

The release of this expansion will mark the arrival of a new playable race: the Dracthyr evokers. With a Worgen-like hybrid design that can change from their wolf form to their human form, Dracthyr can appear as a humanoid form or in the form of their dragon avatar which will be particularly useful in combat.

© Blizzard

This playable race will also be the first to merge race and class into one entity. Evokers will then be able to choose between different specializations allowing them to use their draconic attractions and skills for various purposes.

By choosing the Devastationplayers will be able to fight with claw and fire breath, while players who prefer to heal and strengthen their allies can follow the path of Preservation. Beings of this people being ancestral protectors of Azeroth, free they will be able to fight alongside the Alliance or the Horde to carry the ideals of their choice.

And of course, who says dragons says new flight mechanics and the mounts that go with it. Four new fully customizable dragons will be discovered and will allow players to have their own unique dragon companion. With millions of different combinations, it will be easy to create a frame in its image.

Promotional image for new WoW mounts explaining the 4 types of dragons and showing a red dragon in flight
© Blizzard

The expansion will also bring its share of new features to refresh the MMO which is already celebrating its 18th anniversary, including a new game interface, a new talent system and an overhaul of professions and crafts. Dragonflight promises a real evolution of World of Warcraft, and adventurers of Azeroth will have plenty to keep busy with this new adventure. No release date has been announced for the moment, but it is already possible to register for the future beta.

The Lich King also signs his return

Blizzard don’t forget Classic WoW and also took the opportunity to announce the return of the players’ favorite expansion on this version of the game which goes back in time for the greatest pleasure of hardcore players in need of nostalgia.

Thus, it will soon be possible to relive the shocking launch of Wrath of the Lich King as it was in 2008.

Planned for this year, the server update classic propose to a bunch of novelties and an original, albeit nostalgic, experience. In effect, the famous dungeon tool which had been integrated with the release of this extension won’t be coming backpushing players to adventure and bond to conquer instances, making this classic experience so appealing to many players.

One thing is certain, Blizzard wants to restore charm to Azeroth, and all these new features will bring a much-needed facelift to this MMO which is sadly beginning to lose its community.

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