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Wrestling is making a comeback on consoles and PC with AEW Fight Forever



Return to childhood guaranteed with this new wrestling video game called AEW Fight Forever. Here are the first information.

What gamer who is between 20 and 30 today has not been rocked by wrestling matches on television as a child? Certainly not us. It is therefore with astonishment and pleasure that we learn of the upcoming release of a new wrestling video game on our consoles. In development at Yuke’s studios, the next title AEW is revealed today in images and also finds a name.

After months of rumors, he is finally baptized AEW Fight Forever and some of its characters have been unveiled. First we got a glimpse of wrestler Kris Statlander, then Nyla Rose, both very famous. Although the title is still in development, things seem very well advanced and we have no trouble recognizing them, especially thanks to their eccentric clothing style.

The fighters can also discover each other via two short presentation videos, available on the YouTube channel from the studio. If at the design level everything is very pleasant, it is slightly less true on the side of the gameplay, which is clearly not yet successful. But we are hopeful that the title will be a hit with fans of the discipline and nostalgics like us.

Especially since Yuke’s is a regular at this kind of game, since it’s the studio behind the WWE titles, which the world snapped up during our adolescence. For the moment, it has not yet given much information on the process of development of the game or on its content, but these small revelations confirm us in the idea that things are progressing well. We should therefore be able to get our hands on it within a year or two, on consoles and PC.

We know, however, that we will be entitled to several game modes, so a single-player campaign, a multiplayer mode, and several new modes that “out of the ordinary”. Ideally, we would very much like to see a survival mode, which makes us chain several waves of wrestlers, all stronger than each other.

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