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Xbox Game Pass will test a new family subscription at a low price



An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for 5 people for less than 25 euros per month? Microsoft is on its way to making the dream of many gamers come true.

On the video game subscription market, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate remains one of the most advantageous services, even after the arrival of Sony’s new PlayStation Plus. With its hundreds of downloadable titles, its mobile-compatible cloud gaming platform, as well as its many games added on the day of their release, it’s hard to do better than that.

And yet, Microsoft is about to do the unthinkable. The firm is currently testing a new formula for its Xbox Game Pass, which is similar to a family plan. Beta testers of the Insiders program now have access to this unique offer, but only in Colombia and Ireland for the moment. It goes without saying that the project is only in its early stages.

How does the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan work?

But the big question the world is asking today is about the benefits of this mysterious new offering. The family plan is actually very simple; it allows you to access all the content of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription but on 5 different accounts – the main account in addition to four guest accounts. As a result, you can connect to several simultaneously, on different media.

This is a huge advantage for households with more than one person, whether it’s a family, a roommate or even a couple. It’s neither more nor less than the way the world already consumes SVOD services, but this time for video games. It’s not for lack of repeating all these years that the Xbox Game Pass is the Netflix of video games.

A good price-performance ratio ?

Usually offered at €12.99 per month, the family plan should be around €22 per month, which is ultimately cheaper than taking out two subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. On the financial side, therefore, the players are largely winners. But still it is necessary to have companions with whom to share the note.

For the moment, Microsoft does not specify if this family plan will soon arrive at everyone. Moreover, we do not know how long the test phase will take and especially if the conditions of the formula will remain unchanged. We will have the heart net by the next few months, which will be rather busy for Microsoft.

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