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Xbox takes advantage of the death of Stadia to recover its features



As soon as Google’s cloud gaming service announces its closure, Xbox takes inspiration from it to extend its offer to other users.

The news fell two weeks ago now: Stadia will close its doors in January 2023, for lack of success. Still, Google had big goals for its cloud gaming service. Eventually, users would have been able to access the game of their choice in a few clicks from the Mountain View company’s search engine. A small revolution bringing gaming to the heart of browsers. Unfortunately, the service will not have lived long enough to make this a reality.

And so, it is now Xbox that sticks to it. Xbox Cloud Gaming continues its slow expansion as Game Pass continues to grow in popularity. Microsoft is looking to make its catalog of games ever more accessible, and after cloud gaming on smartphones, teams are now attacking the objectives of competitors. Playing Xbox Game Pass games from a browser is now possible with some adjustments.

You won’t have time to say Bing

To access the Game Pass catalog from a browser, you will have to go through the search engine signed Microsoft. Bing being in constant lack of popularity, the Redmond firm is trying everything for everything by offering a new feature of the Xbox Game Pass accessible only through this means. He’s a Twitter user by the name of @klobrille who made this little discovery.

From now on, a simple search for a game available in cloud version in Microsoft’s gaming subscription is enough to launch it. For example, search Fortnite via the Bing search engine allows not only to obtain the title sheet, but also to discover a button “To play” allowing to launch it in one click.

Credits: Microsoft / Epic Games

Not sure that this novelty pushes Xbox players to abandon Google for Bing, but it has the merit of proving Microsoft’s ambitions for its cloud gaming service. A box dedicated to streaming video games is also about to arrive to facilitate the use of the service on a TV without an Xbox console.

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