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Xiaomi releases DualShock and Xbox-inspired gamepad



On all fronts, Xiaomi is also interested in the world of video games and is launching a new gamepad. Its Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition is multiplatform and the manufacturer seems to have been inspired by market references.

Xiaomi is a real jack-of-all-trades in high tech, a paying strategy that has allowed it to become essential in a few years. The Chinese brand is particularly interested in the world of gaming via its Black Shark sub-brand and in that of peripherals. She just revealed the Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition, a cross-platform gamepad launched through its crowdfunding platform. The Chinese manufacturer is indeed relying on Xiaomi Youpin to think about new projects; with sometimes surprising ideas.

The Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition quickly won over the platform, quickly exceeding funding targets (+1000%). Dedicated to gamers, the controller is wireless and uses Bluetooth 5.2 to connect to “many systems” such as Windows, Linux, Android TV, Steam OS or Android devices. The Chinese manufacturer being present in the segment of TVs, streaming boxes, smartphones and even PCs, it is not surprising to see it launch a controller.

© Xiaomi

A controller geared towards PCs and Android devices (TV)

The design of the controller does not really surprise players since it is very reminiscent of the DualShock. While Sony has changed its approach for the DualSense of its PlayStation 5, this controller presents commonalities with the DualShock 3… and Xbox One controllers. On closer inspection, Xiaomi seems to want to combine the functions of the two controllers. Behind the general appearance similar to the Sony controller, there is a asymmetrical positioning of the joysticks and buttons (A, B, X, Y) arranged like an Xbox controller.

Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition
© Xiaomi

Fans will also have noticed the presence of ALPS joysticks, as at Microsoft or Sony. For the rest, the formula is rather classic with a directional cross on the left side; which is again reminiscent of that of the Xbox Series controller. The controller has rounded shapes and includes no less than 6 triggers, including 2 at the handles in addition to the 4 on the top. Xbox Elite owners will appreciate Xiaomi’s decision.

Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition
© Xiaomi

Xiaomi also evokes the presence of a vibration motor and a 6 axis gyro (InvenSense 6). Wireless, the controller recharges via USB-C and has an 830 mAh battery. On the other hand, autonomy is not mentioned by the manufacturer.

Despite a stated desire to be compatible with many platforms; the Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition is not intended for consoles from Sony, Microsoft or even Nintendo. No compatibility with its salon or hybrid machines is announced. However, the gamepad shows built for cloud gaming with the presence of a smartphone holder. The concept is not new, but Xiaomi has the good idea to offer it in the box with its controller.

Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition
© Xiaomi

On Xiaomi Youpin, the Gamepad Elite Edition is displayed under the 50 euro mark during the crowdfunding campaign; with a price of 329 yuan (about 47.20 euros excluding tax). It will then be offered at 399 yuan, or around 57 euros (excluding VAT). The controller is available in China and Xiaomi has not mentioned an international release.

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