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You can play one of the best Switch games for free!



This too unnoticed nugget now offers to explore its first hours of play without having to spend a single penny.

The expression “the clothes do not make the man” also applies to video games. Some titles hide very good surprises behind a sometimes misleading appearance. This is particularly the case for the franchise Mario + Rabbids who suffers from the reputation of Ubisoft’s mascots. So yeah, those silly big-eared creatures are particularly annoying and have upstaged Rayman in the past. Nevertheless, these rabbits have offered themselves a beautiful redemption thanks to this collaboration with Nintendo and the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom.

With an unexpected first episode released on Switch in 2017, the crazy little mammals have proven that they can take their place in a title with the most serious gameplay. This adventure punctuated by strategic turn-based combat had convinced players and critics alike. With an all the more excellent sequel released in 2022, one would have believed in the new success of Ubisoft. Unfortunately, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope failed to find its audience and suffered from disappointing sales. To remedy this, the studio and Nintendo have the solution: to offer a free demo version with two hours of games included!

A title that is only in its infancy

The surprise arrival of this demonstration for all is not insignificant. At the beginning of March, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope begins the start of its post-release content : we will therefore have to convince the players to embark on the battle. After an adventure loaded with twists and turns (literally since it’s a game mechanic), the heroes will be entitled to new missions through three DLCs. Ubisoft is not changing its habits and was already offering a season pass even before the game hit the shelves. This practice certainly explains the abandonment of the title by the players but for once, the studio does not do things by halves.

With three distinct extensions, Sparks of Hope will be enriched with a wide variety of content. The first DLC The Cursed Tower (available only via the season pass) has just made its entry in an update that has just been deployed. For this first addition, Mario and the Rabbits will have to face formidable enemies in an infinite and procedurally generated dungeon. By borrowing from the genre of rogue like, the game attracts a new wind of freshness more than deserved.

Later, the game will be enriched with a second downloadable content offering a new area to explore, while the third and final addition will bring a brand new storyline alongside Rayman! If Ubisoft sticks to its schedule, these new features will make their debut in the middle and end of the year. As a reminder, the season pass of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is available via Nintendo eShop for €29.99.

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