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you probably missed this God of War easter egg



If you’re a die-hard God of War fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that an easter egg is lurking in Horizon Forbidden West.

Last February 18 came out Horizon Forbidden West, surely one of the most anticipated games on PlayStation for this year 2022. Whether you have already finished it or not, the adventure game is not finished with you. Indeed, if you have already completed the title, you will surely want to take your controller back once you know that an easter egg is hiding among the machines and the ruins.

Guerrilla Games, one of the PlayStation Studios, wanted to pay tribute to one of its colleagues when designingHorizon Forbidden West : Santa Monica Studio, behind the games god of war. It is therefore with great surprise that we learn today that in the gigantic map of the game, three totems bearing the effigy of the characters of god of war (2018). If you manage to find all three, then you can walk away with a Kratos-like face paint (but also the personal achievement of completing the game at 101%)

Where is the God of War easter egg in Horizon Forbidden West?

Obviously, Sony didn’t want to say too much and largely prefers to let players go in search of the totems themselves. This is why their exact position has not been disclosed. However, the firm reveals a clue for each totem as well as an image, which could help the most observant among you. Here is everything that has been revealed about it:

Off the beaten path, Aloy can find the terrible battle ax Leviathan stuck in a tree. Scanning it with Aloy’s Focus will reveal a track leading to an abandoned cabin resembling Kratos’ home. Inside is a small Kratos War Totem.

The Totem of Youth is near an iconic landmark in the game. As you approach, you’ll find it’s defended by a machine resembling the creature guarding Helheim. This is a direct reference to Atreus.

The Totem of Brotherhood can be found near a cauldron-like structure on an island that is reminiscent of one of Brok and Sindri’s forge locations.

In the comments, we invite you not to reveal the precise places where the totems are, out of respect for the exploration of other players.

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