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You will love this freshly free-to-play game to punctuate your summer



While this title is now free, this is the perfect opportunity to get started in this multiplayer game. Warning: it’s a ball…

If you still didn’t know what to play to occupy your long summer days, we may have the perfect title. After all, it’s a safe bet that we’ll stay indoors to avoid the high heat of the upcoming heat waves (thanks to global warming), and this game will bring the dose of freshness we need.

Since June 1, 2022 and only a year and a few days after its initial release on May 21, 2021, Knockout City returns to center stage passing free-to-play. EA leaves the ship and gives way to the developer of the title, Velan Studios, which also becomes the one and only publisher. Fun as can be and costing a penny, Knockout City is a pearl not to be missed.

When dodgeball becomes a real fight

The concept of Knockout City Is simple : you have to knock out your opponents with a ball. The game takes a playground classic and turns it into a real combat sport. Simply and cleverly named Baston Prisonnier, this version proposes to compete in teams of three on wacky maps with equally whimsical balls.

Ball Soda, Ball Bomb or even Ball Sniper, all means are good to knock out the opposing team with bullets in the face. It is even possible to roll into a ball to serve as a projectile for your teammates. Knockout City’s gameplay is frenetic and promises a good dose of adrenaline with every game.

The game mechanics are not so simple and require many tutorials before being mastered. Once you are ready to embark on multiplayer games, the strategies are endless to overcome other players. If they are good at dodging or recovering the ball, you can always get rid of them with special balls or charged shots with perfect passes.

A new mastered model

As Velan Studios takes over the reins of its game that has it all, Knockout City could well establish itself as a new juggernaut of online team play. With its artistic direction with little onions and a fun gameplay as possible, players who do not yet know this title can now get started easily, without risking spending € 39.99 on a game that might not please them.

This new model is a wise decision that will allow the game to reach a new audience and get the glory it deserves. In addition to being now accessible to everyone, the game masters this transition to perfection. Without abusive micro transactions and with a fully optional battle pass but offering quality content if you feel like it, the gaming experience is at your disposal and free to do with it as you wish. Whether you decide to invest to put on the best outfits the game has to offer (and that to look good, they are), or whether you simply log in to let off steam with a ball in the head, the game will be equally fun and pretty.

A title to take everywhere

Small additional advantage making Knockout City the perfect game for this summer 2022, it can be played on any platform. PlayStation, Xbox, PC or even Switch, the game is playable on all media and the surprises don’t stop there. In addition to being cross platform and allow you to play with your friends from all walks of life, the title also offers the cross progression to find your progress regardless of your gaming platform.

So you can play it quietly from home, then take the game on vacation with a Nintendo Switch or a laptop PC. Your account will follow you wherever you go and the fun of Knockout City will accompany you in all your adventures. Big crush of the moment, we strongly recommend that you embark on this hardcore and colorful version of the dodgeball of our childhood. It’s free and it’s pretty, like refusing such an offer?

The trend is towards free games as two very popular games are moving to the free-to-play side of the force very soon. Fall Guys will transition to this new model tomorrow, while Overwatch 2 will do the same next October. And you, what do you think of this new disposition that developers have to change the economic system of their game?

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