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Yves Guillemot prepares to counter a potential takeover



While rumors of a potential takeover of Ubisoft are growing, the Guillemot family seems against this possibility.

Buyouts have been all the rage in the gaming industry for some time now. After historic transactions such as the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft or the takeover of Bungie (the studio behind Halo and Destiny) by Sony, rumors are linked as to the status of other big names in the game. ‘industry.

It is now Ubisoft that is in the crosshairs, and rumors about it are rife. While the studio of Breton origin had done everything possible to escape a potential takeover in 2016 when the Vivendi group had tried to seize it by all means, the position of the company six years after this incident looks quite different.

Last February, the CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot had issued during a meeting of investors the possibility of a takeover of the company, without making it a priority. He then said:Ubisoft can remain independent. We have the talent, the financial and industrial scale as well as a large portfolio of licenses. That said, if there were a takeover offer, the Board of Directors would obviously take note of it in the interest of all our partners and shareholders.

Since then, the question of a takeover seemed more than likely, but the situation is once again turning in the opposite direction.

New allies against complete acquisition

The specialized site dealreporter now indicates that the Guillemot family, founders of the Breton company, would seek to approach private investment companies to protect themselves from a total takeover as was almost the case in 2016.

The objective would then be to ally with one of these companies in order to block a forced acquisition of the company and thus keep control over the studio and its future.

The announcement of a potential takeover had already increased the price of Ubisoft’s shares on the stock market by 20%, and this time, the announcement of this protection decision by the Guillemot family has increased the share price by 10%. Ubisoft then seems to be slowly climbing the slope even if the studio is still far from its value a few years ago.

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