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Zagato teams up with Alfa Romeo to create a one-of-a-kind coupe



The illustrious Italian coachbuilder Zagato has teamed up with the Alfa Romeo brand to create a unique work that will adorn the garage of a wealthy German customer. The Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato revives the Alfa Romeo coupé for the pleasure of the eyes, but also as a duty of memory.

With this exclusive car, Zagato and Alfa Romeo underline their 100e anniversary of collaboration which took place last year.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato alongside one of its inspirations, the Alfa Romeo SZ

Under its sublime dress partly inspired by that of the SZ, a coupe produced in the early 1990s, this SWB (for Short Wheel Base or short wheelbase in French) is built on the chassis of a Giulia Quadrifoglio. As the name suggests, the platform has been shortened to give it the desired coupe proportions. You can also see a bit of the Alfa Romeo Montreal in the treatment of the front optics.

Under the hood is the 2.9L twin-turbo V6 in the Giulia’s GTAm livery producing 533 hp. It is guided by a manual gearbox, tradition obliges.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato has beautiful lines in the stern view.

Zagato says the development of the car was done in its workshops with the help of Alfa Romeo’s design department. A very nice exercise, it goes without saying.

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